Where to Find Cash for Your Tech Company

Where do I start?

Money is the life-blood of a business. Without it, you’re dead. While the best source of cash is from your customers and the profit that should result, there are many sources of cash that can help you in getting those customers and profits. For a listing of some of these sources in British Columbia, click here.

It’s true that it takes money to make money. But, more importantly, it takes people to make that happen. And, good people will also find and attract the capital and help they need. It makes sense to start with the people first – finding partners to join you in achieving your dream – and getting additional help from advisors, mentors, and directors.

If you’re looking at building a grow-oriented business, a good starting point is to find a “business angel” who can coach you, invest in you and provide additional guidance and connections. Angels are successful entrepreneurs who are willing to put some of their time and money into new businesses.

Angel Investing is a growing phenomenon and angel networks and groups are being created throughout the world.

To connect with angels, check the following web sites:

In B.C.: Vantec Angel Network

In Canada: National Angel Capital Organization